February 2024 Fishing report for the Fox River in Green Bay, WI

Conditions Report: 

sunset on the fox river in depere

The ice has left the fox river since early February, and we have gotten out in the boat twice. The water has been around 33 degrees at the surface. Obviously this can fluctuate a little bit with the air temps, but we are still getting cold enough at night that the water is not warming up much. 

There has been little current, because the damn is not open much. Remember, we did not get much snow this year, so the water tables may be dropping. 

Fishing Report: 

@chicagosurfer with a walleye on the fox river in depere with a baddboyz green lantern jig

Fishing has been decent. The fish are not huge, but we have been having good success landing fish. Walleye have ranged from 14" to 21". In between the walleye, we have been catching the occasional catfish and whitefish. We obviously were surprised with catching a 35" musky! That was a first for me, and a very memorable experience!

Jigging Cadence & Presentation: 

Baddboyz Green Lantern tipped with a minnowwalleye with a baddboyz green lantern jig in its mouth, tipped with a minnow

These fish are lethargic and moving slow. We have been doing slow lifts and, and slow dropping the jig back to the bottom. That has worked best for producing fish. Just make sure you can feel the jig at all times. The fish are hitting light, kind of just sucking in the minnow and that is time to set the hook. We have been having good success with the BaddBoyz BB2 Green Lantern, and the Natural Shiner Holographic. Both baits have been producing good bites. When the current picks up, I would recommend switching to a BB3 to make sure you can still feel the bottom well. 

Good luck and tight lines! 🎣

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~ Zach

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